AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Wraith

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  AMD defied all expectations with its Ryzen release, delivering massive improvements over previous designs and even current Intel offerings, for a fraction of the price.  With 8MB of L3 cache, the Ryzen 1200 features 4 CPU cores to meet all of the modern needs of a PC.  With a base clock of 3.1GHz, the Ryzen 1200 has a turbo frequency of 3.4GHz, a XFR of +50 and all Ryzen chips have an unlocked core multiplier for all of your overclocking desires.  The 65W chip offers plenty of headroom for overclocking as well.

  The Ryzen 3 1200 is the entry level CPU in the current Ryzen line up (until the Ryzen 3 1100 releases).  The Ryzen 3 series chips are a new breed of performance for money offerings, destroying Intel Core i3 in multi-core performance, and obliterating Intel Core i5 in performance to cost.  This means the Ryzen 1200 will be capable of gaming, graphical rendering, handling those 57 unclosed tabs you have in the background, all at an affordable price, especially with the included Wraith Stealth cooler recommended by AMD.  
  While the Ryzen 1200 can be overclocked to go punch for punch with its bigger brother, the 1300X, if you are planning on running the latest games at the highest settings, you should be looking at the Ryzen 5 series or above.  HTPCX recommends the Ryzen 1200 be paired with a Radeon RX 580Nvidia GTX 1060, or lesser.

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